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Have you ever noticed that the most successful achievers in life all have a personal coach?


Whether its a fitness coach, a sports coach, a health coach or a life coach, they all have someone who acts as an independent sounding board, someone who notices the 1 degree shifts and offers up a course correction, and then holds them accountable to reach their goals.


Just like driving a car from point A to point B, the route may be flexible, the starting point and the destination are fixed. A personal coach is someone who helps you navigate, offering up various routes to steer you in the direction you choose to go, and then holds you accountable for arriving at your destination.


Strategies for Health


We all know there are different elements to health. The main themes come down to what you eat, if and how you exercise, whether you drink or smoke, and if you have any medical condition or disease. Simply Ask Health helps you navigate through each of these elements while bringing a balance of expertise and experience in each.


At our initial consultation we will review:


  • Your Health Values and Beliefs.
  • Your Eating and Fitness Routines. 
  • Your Drinking and Smoking Habits. 
  • Your Medical History. 
  • Your Health Goals

Why choose Simply Ask Health

Mark’s coaching experience revolves around health coaching.


Registered as a pharmacist in California and the U.K. many of Mark’s clients come for health related reasons.


Having specialized in Critical Care (Intensive Care and Coronary Care) and Pain control, Mark has extensive medical knowledge spanning endocrine (diabetes and thyroid disease), gastro-enterology (IBS and alcoholic liver disease), renal (dialysis), respiratory (asthma and emphysema) and rheumatology (arthritis), as well as surgical pharmacy experience in general surgery, orthopedics (elective and trauma), ophthalmology, urology and nutrition.


Using hess insights and combining them with his training in Full Body Massage, Aromatherapy / Essential Oils, Reflexology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Time-Line Therapy, Mark is a very intuitive health coach, and passionate about getting results.


Mark’s interests range from healthy eating to exercise to pain to various medical and surgical conditions to trauma and post-traumatic stress, and he has worked with and coached clients for obesity, diabetes, smoking cessation, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, pain relief, depression, attention deficit disorder and autism amongst other things.

Additionally Mark is an instructor in martial arts and self-defense, allowing him to offer a well rounded and balanced approach as a health coach​

Simply Ask Coaching offers you a choice of either weekly, fortnightly or monthly coaching over a 3 month, 6 month or 1 year period.


Simply Ask for further details.


 "With Mark's extensive understanding of drugs and disease, and his in depth knowledge of aromatherapy and therapeutic grade oils, as well as his skills as a master hypnotherapist, Mark puts your health first. We all know that not all therapies work for everyone. Mark will help you decide which therapy is most suitable for you."                     

Dr Nancy Brandt - DVM

“Coaching for Mark is his life and his passion. When I need specific mentoring on how best to support a client I ring Mark because I know he has that critical 1% knowledge that makes all the difference. He has the expertise and the wisdom that I look for in the great coaches worldwide. When I need great coaching and advice in the future, Mark will be top of the list.” 

James Martin, Trainer Robbins Research International Mastery University & Leadership Academy


“Mark has a wonderful array of technical coaching skills that he has developed and mastered by consistent application over a number of years. When you work with Mark, you get more than someone who is technically very competent you get someone who ‘really cares’ to the deepest level, this is the difference that sets Mark apart from other coaches and trainers.”

 Alistair Lobo, Owner, Winning Teams


“Mark is one of the most caring, loving and intelligent individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Whenever I was faced with a challenge, both professionally and personally, Mark was there with a listening ear and expertise on the subject. He is extremely knowledgeable in multiple arenas and I am grateful that I have had the chance to work with him.”

Stephanie Ramones, Master Strategist


“Mark has the capacity to sift through the clutter in life and to pinpoint the real issues we confront. He has helped me tremendously in sorting out what needs attention in my life and has given me wonderful strategies and techniques for solving these problems for myself. What I most appreciate about Mark’s coaching is that he empowers people to do things on their own using the tools he teaches. I highly recommend Mark! His integrity, expertise and teaching methods are the best I have found. I will continue to use Mark and highly recommend him.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

John Carter, Owner Bar Parts, has hired Mark as a Career Coach in 2009, and hired Mark more than once


“Mark is an outstanding Coach. Great Value and my team got a lot out of our sessions.”

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative 

Michael Bozarth, has hired Mark as a Personal Development Coach in 2009, and hired Mark more than once


“Mark is the best personal coach I know. He creates massive shifts and great results very quickly. I trust him 100% and would seek his help anytime with any issues I have. Keep up the good work Mark. All the best. Rolf”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Rolf Stauffer, has hired Mark as a Career Coach in 2008, and hired Mark more than once

Mark is by far one of the best coaches and mentors I have come across in the last 10 years. His passion to make a difference is incredible and he simply loves what he does. He uses specific tools and strategies to help people understand their challenges, and creates fast simple solutions to destroy the challenge or simply create a new meaning for it.

Ajay Gupta, Peak Performance Strategist and International Speaker Blockchain Investor Accounts Manager at Stack Bacon LLC

“When Mark makes a commitment you can count on it. He’s energetic, focused and eager to get the job done. Because he holds himself and others to a high standard he gets outstanding results”

Deborah Battersby, Master Trainer, Anthony Robbins Leadership Program

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mark several times. This guy knows his stuff. An incredible insight into human behavior and understanding of the conscious and unconscious triggers of behavior. His results reflect his knowledge and I would work with Mark anytime and would definitely recommend my clients to him.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Geeta Tailor, has hired Mark as a General Contractor in 2007, and hired Mark more than once


“Mark is a brilliant practitioner with years of training behind him. He works in a heart centered manor that touches each person he works with.”

Heather Kennedy, Fitness Consultant, Rebound Health and Performance Center


“Mark is an enthusiastic performance coach who really does get results. Mark’s friendly professional approach inspires others to create winning strategies and make the changes in their lives that they really want.”

Ruth Fenton, Managing Director, Inspired Resolution


“Mark shows a great personal commitment to getting results with his clients. He takes time to support clients through the most difficult issues.”

Mark Ellerker, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach.


“Mark is a super inspiration, leader and role model to others on the RRI senior leadership team. With his commitment to help and support others he is dependable, hard working, and pleasant to be with.

Mark is a very valuable resources and the type of man you want on your team for his big heart, excellent skills and focus on results. With his coaching, NLP and training background he offers great experience and insights to help you and your organization.

I have the privilege of knowing Mark since about 2005. During that time we have worked together at many different events in the US and UK. These events included 4 day and 7 day seminars which involved very long hours and required significant dedication, hard work and a wide variety of coaching and communication skills.

Mark is dedicated, reliable and trustworthy and I strongly recommend him for your consideration. I am proud to be a friend and reference for this super talented guy. I trust his great skills and you can too.”

Michael Morningstar, The Great NEWS Coach, Member of Trainer Team, Robbins Research International..


“Mark is a wonderful coach and consultant is getting the desired outcomes very quickly. He is resourceful and intuitive in his work enabling one to feel safe and nourished. Mark shows how you can live your dreams even when life’s unsuspected blows bring great setbacks and he helps you discover a “success mindset” that will set you free to realize your dreams. ”

Marcella Vonn Harting, Independent Distributor, Young Living Essential Oils


“Mark has an nose for helping people get what they truly desire in life. He has great intuitive wisdom that he uses to help his clients reach their goals in life.”

Don Clair, Consultant, Clair Caring Center

I had a hypnosis session with Mark while we were working on a project together in Bali. I had a serious headache and was generally feeling altogether ill and unable to operate. We had a crucial project to deliver and I couldn't afford to not be at 100% whilst there. Mark did 1 hypnosis session with me that took about 20 mins and totally enabled me to be well enough to operate back at full throttle 

Michelle Clark, Global Partnerships Manager at GeniusU - March 6, 2012, Michelle was a client of Mark’s

“Mark always goes the extra mile, he really is an amazing guy. I worked with Mark as he was shifting to his new business and I am so pleased he has, because every client who works with Mark is going to truly transform their life!

It doesn’t matter how often I see Mark, because of our experiences together he is now a life long friend.”

Thomas William Green, Master Strategist, Speaker & Coach

Go ahead Simply Ask to see how we can help YOU.

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